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Dong Tai Garment Co.,Ltd.


Vietnamese Title: Cty TNHH may mặc Đông Tài

English Title: Dong Tai Garment Co.,Ltd.

Address: 28 Phan Dinh Giot Street, Ward 2, Tan Binh District,

Province: Ho Chi Minh

Director: Ms. Thơ

Tel: +84 (8) 8478 941

Fax: +84 (8) 8478 944

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Main Business: GARMENT

About Us :

The company has finds its origins in Vietnam as well as the United Kingdom.


The Chairman Nam Pham left North Vietnam in 1980 and traveled to England where he was involved in every aspect of the garment industry meeting and working with many colourful characters.


In a relatively short time he established a CMP factory in London and began to build his customer base. His family instilled a hard work ethic into him at an early age and aligned with the tailoring skills his father taught him he was well equiped to start a business.


However his business horizons were far beyond a CMP factory operation. He quickly developed his own network of CMP factories that he controled and kept busy with orders secured through his sales and negotiating skills. He built direct links with fabric mills and accessory factories to reduce costs and have more control.


He began to recruit talented design and technical people around him and purchased a substantial office premises in London that is still the Headquarters of the organization today.


Not content with building a successful business in the UK he decided to expand his operations to Vietnam where he opened his first factory complex in the late nineties.


Currently the Group has four factories operating with Vietnamese and International staff.
Investing in skilled staff and high tech equipment has allowed the group to expand and handle orders from all over the world.


Mr. Pham is still directly involved in the company today with plans for more expansion and innovation.