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Clipsal Vietnam Co.,Ltd.


Vietnamese Name: Cty TNHH Clipsal Việt Nam

English Name: Clipsal Vietnam Co.,Ltd.


C.E.O: Phạm Ngọc Đình Long

Address: Biên Hoà 1 IZ., Biên Hoà City

City/Province: Dong Nai

Company type: J.V.C

Telephone: 61-3836814, 3836670

Fax: 61-3836817

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Main activity: Manufacturing high quality electric equipment, socket

About Us:1920 Clipsal announces its arrival in the electrical industry with an innovative CLIPS ALL system that revolutionises the wiring and cabling process.

1935 Clipsal launches the world's first Combination Switch Socket and sets another benchmark for the electrical industry.

1956 Clipsal launches another industry first — a fire-retardant socket which enhances safety.

1974 Now established as Australia's undisputed leader of electrical accessories, Clipsal once again demonstrates its commitment to quality and innovation by pioneering the deployment of computerised production management.

1976 C-Classic, the Asia's first unbreakable switch is born. Clipsal leads the market by launching the fi rst range of electrical accessories made of polycarbonate.

1982 With the introduction of its Lifesaver® Residential Current Devices, Clipsal offers home owners previously undreamt-of industrial-level heavy duty circuit protection.

1984 Years before remote controllers for TVs and appliances become commonplace, Clipsal already deploys an intelligent infrared (IR) sensor that opens up exciting new possibilities for lighting control automation.

1994 The launch of Clipsal's first-generation C-Bus technology sets new benchmarks in building automation.

1996 Clipsal redefines the high-end switch market in Asia with the introduction of its Mega Dolly Series and transforms switches into an element for interior design.

1997 Taking its design concept one step further, Clipsal launches its imaginatively graphic surround which promptly fits with dolly of different sizes, it provides interior designers with extra flexibility on home décor.

2000 Clipsal is appointed an Official Provider for the Sydney Olympics.

2001 The C-Spectra Series is launched with a unique double surround and multi-colour dolly design that sets a new standard for mix and match.

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